Front and back IR sensors

  • Hi, we got our Zumi on Monday and put it together! At the end, the only thing missing was one side of the velcro. My only feedback on the build is that it feels fragile (the internals and the shell).

    The front and the back IR sensors don’t seem to work well. When I run the notebook the readings seems to be random numbers between 11 and 15. I mean by random, that as I move an object on the front of the sensor the number changes but not consistently with the distance.

    However, it does seem to work consistently with the bottom sensors (readings were going from 10 to 80 as i lifted Zumi).

    The Jupiter notebooks are most of the time very slow. Could I ssh to the RPi to run python commands easier for troubleshooting? (I tried the default pi:raspberry but it didn’t work).

    Another feedback is that it would be nice to have reset ( ideally a hardware button) to kill all user processes and put Zumi into default state (motor stopped, lights off, etc. ) without a notebook. Couple of times functionality stuck (motor, lights, screen) and I had to power off (not ideal as the sd card can corrupt) or get to a notebook and re-initialise ( it can take some time).

    Anyway, Zumi is really cool and so much to learn! We will have lots of fun!

    Thanks, Peter.

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    @peter You're welcome!

  • Thanks Leila. Very helpful. I will keep playing with the IR sensors.

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    @peter We appreciate the feedback and we will get our team working on those right away 🙂 I can address a few of your concerns here:

    • The velco is actually meant to lock to itself so both sides are the same
    • IR sensors are not meant to be distance sensors. The values reflect the intensity of the light being reflected back so they won't be really consistent. They are best for obstacle avoidance and line following!
    • To ssh, the hostname is zumi1234 (use your 4-digit Zumi id) and the password is "pi".
    • There is a reset button that can be accessed through Zumi's left window.

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