Updating New Content

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    Back again with more info! We ran into an issue with our updater, so none of you have the latest content. The general concepts are the same, but a few bugs and typos were fixed. We made a tutorial so that you can follow along and grab the new content while we work on our updater. As always, we really appreciate your feedback 🙂

    EDIT: In case your Zumi cannot connect to the internet, here is a tutorial for updating the content in offline mode.

  • Just a quick note, that with the latest version of zumidashboard (1.23), the content update seems to be working without the manual process.

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    As @peter noted, we have a new version of the updater that should update the content automatically. Please let us know if you have any feedback. Thanks!

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    I added an edit to this post with a link to update content if your Zumi cannot connect to Wifi. We're still working on the connection issue, but let us know if you are having trouble. 🙂

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