Few issues with packaging

  • I got my Zümi, got it running and first impressions are great but there were few issues with contents of the package worth mentioning:

    • as was already mentioned elsewhere the Build guide contains conflicting information about number of long socket standoffs (2 in inventory, 3 in second step). Fortunately the packaging contained 3 as was in the guide itself
    • I only got half of the battery velcro so my battery is loose until I manage to buy another velcro. Not a big functional error but nevertheless something worth checking when completing the packages)
    • my battery was assembled incorrectly, the cable is coming out of wrong place (see picture included). I had to put the battery facing opposite side and cut through the foil so the cable wouldn`t go directly into the standoff
    • the camera ribbon cable came already attached. This makes step 9 irrelevant and also saved me some work 🙂
    • the Zümi project on Kickstarter achieved two stretch goals, Robolink sticker and second camera ribbon cable, unfortunately I couldn`t find neither in my package

    None of the problems were critical but all of them could be prevented with double checking the package which is why I am writing them down.

  • administrators

    @tpak Thank you for the feedback. Please email info@robolink.com with your shipping address, a description of what you are missing, and a link to the post for reference. We will get those items out to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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