Serial Monitor for CoDrone?

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    Customer Question: I have the CoDrone pro and am trying to print info to the serial monitor. The text output is jibberish as if the buad-rate were off. I have set baudrate on both the codrone.begin and in the monitor to 115200. Any ideas?

  • @arnold_robolink Thanks. Will try that! I figured it was the bluetooth coms I saw but wanted to be sure.

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    Hello, so what you are seeing is the communication between the CoDrone and the Bluetooth module. While the CoDrone is communicating with the Bluetooth module the serial monitor will not be available for your computer to use. You must use the function CoDrone.Send_LinkModeBroadcast(LinkModeMute);
    You can check Arduino/files/examples/CoDrone/Control/SerialPrint_attitude for a proper example on how to do a proper serial print.

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