How to connect with a LAN-only PC?

  • My PC doesn't have any WiFi hardware. How can I configure Zumi to connect to my home WLAN then?

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    @zommuter Right now we are tackling the familiar network issue so that you do not need to reconnect each time. I don't believe Zumi is configured for OTG (USB connection) but you can SSH as long as you connect to the Zumi network with the hostname (ex. "zumi1234") and password "pi". I suggest a support call to answer all of your questions to get you online.

  • I didn't manage to test this in a second attempt since now neither nor zumi1234.local are loading at all... But either way, I don't want to have to reconnect Zumi every time, how can I set it up to always directly connect to my home WLAN? And/or is there any way to use the USB connection to troubleshoot the system, SSH onto the RPi?

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    @zommuter Once Zumi is connected to the network it should be safe to disconnect your phone, but our team will look into this and we will update you!

  • Thanks, I managed to use my phone to have Zümi connect to my home WLAN and then access zumi1234.local from my PC (including SSH access), but it seems the connection was lost the moment my phone disconnected from Zumi's network, is that correct? Can that be changed or troubleshot then? Obviously I don't want to have to use my phone as mediator every time...

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    @zommuter ,
    To connect to Zumi you will need to connect to Zumi's network. You may connect with a phone or tablet. Once you get Zumi on the same network as your PC, then you can try to access the dashboard on your machine. If you get a domain error, use zumi1234.local (use your 4-digit number) instead of Hope this helps!

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