Forever Charging ..

  • Even after two days of being connected to the charger the Zumi is still showing “charging” .. but turning it on it shows 100% charged .. shouldn’t the “charging” message go away when the battery is fully charged? Or is there any other message that would confirm that the battery is fully charged?

  • @robolink_arnold .. thanks for the clarification .. now less concerned about the endless “charging” message .. and yes, just checked, the red light went off when fully charged via USB.

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    @mneuhaus Tagging you again to make sure you got this reponse 🙂

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    @mneuhaus sorry I understand that is confusing. Unfortunately that message is only to indicate to the user that Zumi is in the charging state. When the switch is flipped to the off position all connections to the battery are disconnected.

    Since the battery gets disconnected there is no way to sense what percentage the battery is at unless you flip the switch to on.

    The Red LED is the only accurate way of indicating if Zumi is fully charged. If the switch is in the off position and a usb cable is connected the Red LED should turn on. Once the battery is fully charged the Red LED will turn off.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


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