Codrone wont execute petrone python openCV from your examples

  • Robolink team!
    I finally found your coveted openCV python files, and I have the openCV to capture the feed from the video wireless feed, BUT (and I have both the petrone and petrone-v2 libraries installed) but I get the error:
    3.832] Could not find PETRONE

    Using Ubuntu, PyCharm, and have had it working with your codrone library, but I think your petrone libriary appears more robust? or does your codrone library have all the functionality as the petrone (more? or less?) and I jsut need to recode the pythonn script to follow the codrone library?
    Thnx for your help

  • administrators

    @ixmclean We don't offer any lessons or support for the FPV extension, but has great documentation and tutorials to get you started on what you're looking for

  • jsut an update, I was finally able to figure it out, updated the line to read for my specific USB and drone:
    drone.connect(portName="/dev/ttyUSB0", deviceName="PETRONE 8697").

    Next steps:

    1. using openCV to recognize a helipad area (specific color? shape? design?)
    2. using openCV and code some basic autonomous pattern, fly around the 4x8 board and recognize edges

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