How do I install the software properly?

  • Hi,
    I am having nothing but trouble with these kits. I made the mistake of getting 10 of these kits for a junior robotic club that I am running and I feel like it was a big mistake. The first issue was 6 of the kits were missing parts(all of the same parts I might add) and some of the kits have extra pieces. I'm not sure who does the quality control or maybe there isn't any.

    Now I am trying to get the software going and I have followed the instructions to adding the Smart Inventor V2 to arduino but no matter what I do, it does not show up in the list. I can't even send code to the robots. Having 16 kids from ages 8-12 in a room while nothing is working has been very frustrating.

    Are there any working instructions on how to get this working properly?

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    Hi @senrab can you let me know which part of the installation you struggled at? I apologize that you had issues with our installation, if a part of it needs to be amended could you let us know so we can test it out?

  • I managed to figure it out. The instructions aren't perfect. After messing around for a bit I was able to figure it out. Following the instructions didn't work.

    As for the parts. I think the person who did the ordering for my program has handled it. The screwdriver that is provided isn't that good either. Some of the screw heads haven't been manufactred properly and the screwdriver doesn't fit properly. Overall these kits have been a headache to use with the younger kids. I'm not sure I would order these again.

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    Hi Senrab,

    What OS are you planning to use?

    For missing parts we can have that shipped out to you, I apologize for the lack of pieces. Please send your address to

    For the software we have it hosted on our website can you show us what your issues is by posting a picture?

    For Windows:
    For macOS:

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