Controller not properly working. Drone only goes right

  • I have a controller that is not working properly. It will turn the drone on but then the drone only flies to the right. I cannot get it to hover or fly up or any direction. It is not the drone. I have another controller that operates the drone properly. I have checked the wiring. The joystick knobs come off very easily. Not sure if that could be a problem. But I only have 2 drones and 2 controllers. I would like to get this one fixed. Any ideas?

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    @cs From the images, I can see that the fourth connector is connected backward. Could you try again after rewiring? It may solve your issue. If it seems like all of the controls are inverted, you can refer to step 6 of the build guide to review the wiring.

  • The controller makes the drone go in the direction that the green light is. It is not the drone, it is the controller. I could make the drone operate with a different controller. I will try uploading a picture of the controller1_1572311566686_IMG_5862.JPG 0_1572311566670_IMG_5863.JPG

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    Hi @cs
    It sounds like one of your motors is dislodged or something is stuck in the motor. This can happen after a crash. Carefully check all of the motors by removing the propellers and checking for hair. Remove the motors as well and check that the motor wires are touching the contacts. Here is a video tutorial. 🙂

    If your CoDrone is still not flying then swap the motor with another one on your CoDrone. Sometimes one arm will hold a better fit for a particular motor. Make sure to switch the propellers as well to maintain the proper orientation. Finally, calibrate the drone one more time in a well-lit room over a non-reflective surface.

    It also would help me if you could attach an image of the controller. Thank you!

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