Codrone Pairing

  • I purchased a classroom set of the Codrone Pros. What we have found is that they are not paired specifically with the controller they come with. Is there a way to pair the remotes with a specific drone?

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    If you are using CoDrone with Python, then you can follow @ixmclean 's suggestion. For Arduino, pair one controller and one drone at a time. You will need to upload code twice to each remote to complete this process. The first time, make sure to use CoDrone.pair(Nearest). Once they are paired, make sure to mark the pair with colored stickers or labels. Then reupload the sketch using CoDrone.pair() with the same drone-controller pair and check that the pairing was successful. Turn off the drone and controller and set them aside. Repeat this process for all of your drones. During class time, make sure each student receives the controller with matching drone and that they avoid using Nearest in their code when pairing.

  • each drone has a unique ID (mine is: drone.pair("8697"))

    My 2 cents: open your coder (using either arduino or python) and power on "1" drone

    use your drone.pair() and read the ID it provides
    then label that drone

    repeat for each drone (turn off previous drone of course)
    then whoever is coding that specific drone... use the drone.pair("XXXX") method. prevents any issues.

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