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    I am using Arduino with my students to program my CoDrone Pro. When I tested it on my computer prior the lesson, it compiled and uploaded. In class today when my students did the same program it came up with lots of error messages. See attached. Can you please tell me how to fix the students program.

    0_1572321460106_2019-10-29 13_54_00-variables _ Arduino 1.8.10.png

    0_1572321116741_Member name error.PNG

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    @misslesca The error message doesn't look like it matches with the code that you attached. I see a few typos that could have caused the error (setthrottle should be setThrottle) but it looks like something else is going on.

    • Could you attach the exact code the student was using?
    • Try uploading a default program on their laptop without any modifications to the code
    • Provide the version number for CoDrone library (you can find this is Sketch>Include Libraries> Manage Libraries)

    Thank you!

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