Codrone will not fly properly and will not calibrate

  • I have a drone that will not calibrate or fly properly. We have replaced the motors, tried to fly it with different controllers and with code and it consistently takes off and flies straight ahead instead of taking off and hovering. We have also gone through the calibration process multiple times and it goes through the light sequence but will not recalibrate.

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    @jpinkerton Could you attach a picture of the underside of the drone? I want to take a look at the sensor. Thanks!

  • It is doing the same thing with the phone app.

    I checked the motors and they are in the correct locations so that doesn't seem to be the issue either.

  • not certain if it was tried (wasn't clear in the term "controllers")... does it work with the phone app?
    I have found the phone app to be very reliable and precise (I would love to see the code for the phone app). Our drone works flawlessly with the app.

    I say this only because it eliminates the middle hardware. If you had used the phone app and it performs exactly the same, then it is definitely the CoDrone.

    Another verification test:
    Are both "like" rotating motors/propellers on opposite corners?
    some people don't know that there are 2 clockwise and 2 counterclockwise propellers (marked A and B).

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