Greetings, drone newbie here....

  • Hello all! My name is Ingo and I should finally introduce myself. Long time nascent coding junkie (been coding since I was 12 on an Atari to make text based games)

    The project I'm currently working on had a drone requirement and purchased a CoDrone before I got there so I've been trying to get it to fly within a bounded 6'x10' box and with the FPV land in a designated spot (where it took off) so far when I have the time to get to it, I've been having minor hiccups due to repeatable accuracy, but that could also be due to the fact that I'm using python for my coding.

    current struggle: developing an autoland function (inconsistency in X, Y coordation and my lack of knowledge; and looking at potential FPV as my sensor to gauge hsv of the landing sport (atm the red circle with H helipad from the box)

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