Zumi dashboard will not find wifi

  • I just recieved my Zumi, Zumi loads and isfound by the dashboard but when it trys to login tot he wifi itis unable. I have tried a hotspot, wifi from a source, 2 different windows computers. I assume I have to connect Zumi wifi instead of internet wifi. Help?

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    @sbanas If you are having trouble getting online, you can update your Zumi version manually. Here are the instructions for uploading the new SD card image. Thank you for waiting!

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    @Sbanas I just encountered a similar issue with another customer. These suggestions may help:

    1. If Zumi fails to connect the first time to the wifi network, do not click "try again". We found a bug that freezes the internet checker and you would never be able to get online after that. The best solution is to power off Zumi and try again after rebooting.

    2. If that particular network isn't working, try with another network, preferably a network name that doesn't have any special characters like spaces or apostrophes. This network cannot be a 5Ghz network because it will not show up in the network list.

    3. If you are still having issues, we're working on putting together a new SD card image to reflash the memory on the one that you received. Once we get that uploaded, I can send you the instructions or I can walk you through it.

    I hope this helps in the meantime!

  • @sbanas I'm following up on a similar issue in this thread: https://forum.robolink.com/topic/386/loading/23.

    May be of help.

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