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  • Good Day,

    This is our first time to use CoDrone in our classroom and we have run into the following issue: Any suggestions?

    The Codrone delays in Syncing, pairing, or doesn't pair at all.

  • It worked for me, so it may work for your,
    1-power on and pin1 on'
    2- while program is uploading and trying to sync for 10 times, repeatedly push bluetooth reset bottom, one of the time they will sync with each other and upload is hopefully is done.

  • administrators

    @sand Any updates? I hope you were able to resolve the issue!

  • Just to get a feel of the background in what you currently have I am making these assumptions:

    1. you have the controller built
    2. you are familiar with flipping the #1 dipswitch to go from load/program to execute
    3. you are only using 1 CoDrone

    Are these fair assumptions? (not trying to be basic, but just troubleshooting all the potential aspects of the issue you are experienceing to narrow down where you issue is)

    Also would be helpful what OS are you using? Microsoft, Apple, Linux?
    Can you also share the code you are using?

  • @ixmclean

    We are using Arduino. Thanks

  • @robolink_leila

    Thank-you! We will try.

  • @sand are you using the arduino ide? or trying to pair via python?

  • administrators

    If you are using Arduino with CoDrone, I am copying here a list of suggestions that might help you out!

    Pairing CoDrones can be a confusing process, so I hope these steps help you successfully pair every time:

    1. Install all the necessary software and hardware files for your operating system (tutorials are here)
    2. Open Arduino and upload the default flight controller code which can be found by navigating to File > Examples > CoDrone > Controller > FlightController.
    3. Plug in a battery into one drone and wait until they pair. You do not need to fly it.
    4. Go back into the code and change CoDrone.pair(Nearest); to CoDrone.pair();
    5. Reupload this new code and pair to the same drone again. From now on, that controller is paired with that drone as long as students always use CoDrone.pair(); without the Nearest parameter. It's a good idea to label the pair with a colored sticker so that you know which ones are paired.
    6. Repeat for every drone.

    Hope this helps!

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