Drone not lifting; flipping backwards

  • My drone is not lifting off. Blades spin but it flips backwards. I've removed hair, changed blades, changed motors, changed batteries, checked my code works on other drones but it's continuing to have this issue. I have attached a video I hope works. Do you have any suggestions as to how to fix this drone?


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    thanks @ixmclean! @dstarkey22 The kit does come with some extra propellers in case you need some more to ensure that you have the proper orientation 🙂

  • as a note:
    4 propellers
    2x clockwise
    2x counterclockwise

    "like" propellers are on opposite corners (I used a silver pen to mark mine with a dot in the center for easy reference, but they are also marked "A" and "B")

    CoDrone assembly of the motors and propellers can be found:

    My Take on it: you have 1 or 2 propellers reversed on the (pivot) side that stays on the ground ( propeller(s) would spin in opposite intended direction forcing them to force air "up" vs "down" (lift))

    didn't the kit come with more then 4 propellers? (I forget and am not where my work drone kit is at)

    Hope that helps

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