• Hi, we are having trouble with the propellers. We are going through propellers like crazy? Are there any other ways to make the propellers work when they stop spinning? They haven't broken they just stop and when I change them it works but nothing seems to be wrong with them.

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    @ealexander In the video, there is a section on making sure the wires are making proper contacts with the motors using a pair of tweezers or other tools. This seems to solve the problems most of the time. If you need help with this or are still having issues, let me know and we can have a call to solve the issue.

  • Yes, I have checked for hairs and such, reattached the motors as well as use the guard all the time. Are other users having the same problem?

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    @ealexander This video explains a few things you can do to troubleshoot propellers and motors. Have you checked for hair or carpet fibers that often get stuck in them?

  • Sadly, that appears to more of an issue @robolink_leila and crew would better handle then me (I'm just a user, not part of the company).

    My assumption is how the motors are being connected maybe? the contacts aren't aligned? I've banged my drone plenty in the past 3 months but I always use the guard, even with the FPV hat.

  • The propellers do not spin. The little plastic propellers themselves. I keep having to change them out which is driving up the operating cost for my classroom. I have spent $80 on propellers and a new motor just to keep them working this month. This is not sustainable. The PTA spent money on the drones ($1500) and now we have to pour more money into it.

  • Do you mean the motors? or the little plastic propellers themselves? Not understanding what you mean by the propeller ins't working (or stops working but not broken?)

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