Programming FPV with Python

  • Can you send me contact me with instructions for using the FPV module with Python? Thanks.

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    @rkm Unforrtunately we do not offer any lessons or tutorials for using the FPV with Python. Thanks @ixmclean for the helpful links!

  • @rkm the concept of using the FPV is indirect. While the drone DOES broadcast a video, you can't access it directly. Instead, you access the video feed via RTSP using openCV (your computer must be on the same network the FPV hat is broadcasting on) or whatever computer vision library you want to use.

    Here are some applications that have been developed (using the petrone library, but you can easily mod/convert them for CoDrone library). FPV OpenCV use

    Python coding note: your computer/python code environment must maintain connectivity with the codrone through their bluetooth/Robolink module (can't use the standard bluetooth built in the computer) if you lose connection, your drone will self land after 8sec. You can't upload code and then take the drone somewhere else and run.

    Here is a link to getting started with CoDrone/Python development: RoboLink Lessons/tutorials

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