Unplugging Cable from Arduino

  • Whenever I plug in the cable to the Arduino board that connects to the computer (so you can download a new program to the board), I have a VERY difficult time unplugging the cable from the board because the connector has nothing to grab and it pushes down level with the clear plastic cover on the board. I certainly don't want to pull the wires to get it out. Is this just a poor design choice or am I missing something obvious that would make it easy to unplug the cable. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Personally, I leave the lower section of the cable on the board, and I unplug only the upper section, the USB cable going to the computer.

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    You can also use a file to shave down the two bumps on the side. Those are the pieces that affix the uart cable to the board but In your case they make it fairly snug that it is difficult to pull out.

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    @docfleetwood I believe if you grip all four wires of the UART cable at the same time it should alleviate the trouble that you have from pulling on the wire.

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