Incredibly confused

  • I am really confused right now about what software I should be using; Snap!, Codebender, Arduino??? I would like to start my son off with block coding and don't quite know where to start. Different videos on Workbench seem to point me in different directions. Oh, forgot. Workbench has its own IDE, but does not seem to support the codrone, but some other drone...

    • Snap! lists robolink, but I don't see blocks for the codrone pro (like launch and land)
    • Codebender requires $10/month
    • Arduio: not sure if this supports blockly?

    Succinct directions would be great.

  • administrators

    Hi @dallisonnh,
    Please use Blockly for CoDrone 🙂 We have been in the processing of phasing out Snap!
    All of our content can be found here. I recommend starting with the introduction. Hope this helps!

  • this comes with instructions on how to install snap. The website has lessons with it to learn how to fly your drone with Snap. The Snap program has a block called flight events that contains take off and landing options.

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