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  • Hello,
    Can you please share your code of the zumi that is running on your demo video website? We are currently trying to have zumi run through a course similar to yours, but our code is running very slow and we are encountering problems. Having access to your code would allow us to manipulate and troubleshoot our problems. Please email me at brennemansteph@gmail.com or stephanie@bowlerpons.com

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    @brennsteph Unfortunately, that code was specifically for the demo and Zumi was trained for that particular track, meaning the model would not apply for another field. However, if you share your code here we can help you out! What issues are you having?

  • I understand that your demo code will only work for that particular track, I just thought it would be beneficial to look at an exemplar code, seeing as though yours runs perfectly.

    Whenever I try to open zumi and run a code, it runs very slowly and I will frequently have to restart the program because it crashes. I troubleshooted a lot of the problems, eliminating any option for zumi to crash. I restarted and cleared all outputs in the kernel, stopped the running programs, deleted previous data I did not need, and even added a portable battery to zumi so it would not loose power in the middle of the code.

    I am simply trying to have zumi run through a course, while stopping at gates and waiting for them to open. I have not been able to access drive mode until today, and I don't know how to open zumi without having it crash.

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    @brennsteph Sometimes there can be code that causes Jupyter Notebook to crash more often. Could you share your code here so we can help you out?

  • @robolink_leila Our program crashes regardless of the code we are using. I think either the system is slow, or our computer is having problems. Are you able to share a portion of the code you used to program zumi to run along the course? If we are able to compare that against the code we have written so far, we might be able to improve our own code.

  • @robolink_leila Our code requires us to have zumi recognize different shapes and colors through pictures. To be able to run this code, we have to take pictures for zumi to recognize the difference, and save them.

    We have been using the lesson "red light green light" to take pictures, since the lesson has been the only system we can open right now. EVERY time we take pictures, it saves in the "Datas" folder and we are unable to access it. So we have to retake are pictures EVERY single time.

    Is there a way we can save all our photos in a certain folder, and then access and use them in our code? Taking photos so much often causes our zumi to crash and we have to restart.

    The reason I am requesting your code is so I can see how you have accessed your zumi's pictures/data and compare it to our own code.

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    @brennsteph I understand. The training for colors is looking at HSV color values, therefore the data is saved as a text file with numbers, not as an image. You cannot use the same code for training anything other than colors. We are working on the more advanced demos for training other objects now, like the self-driving you saw in the video 🙂

    In the meantime, instead of taking the same pictures all over again you can input the name of the demo and it will ask you if you want to use the data you previously collected. To save an individual image you can use the save_photo() function, but we don't have the tutorials up yet on how to use these photos to create your model. Let me know if this answers your questions!

  • Can you elaborate on when "it will ask you if you want to use the data you previously collected" because I am not familiar with that. Since I haven't been given the option, I have just taken new sets of photos each time.

    Are you able to share the code for your self driving model? Or at least a code that your company uses and knows works so we can compare our information with a working code. We understand it's not going to work on our track, but it will help us train zumi and get her working properly.

  • @robolink_leila Also, when will "Code Mode" be up an running?

  • @robolink_leila If you're able to share a code with me that you know works (maybe a code of zumi following a line/path) that would help me improve my own code.

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    @brennsteph To answer your questions I think it would be best to schedule a support call at this link 🙂 I can assist you with the KNN lesson and training colors with previous data. Code Mode will be up within this month!

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