Smart Inventor V2 board not working/functioning properly.

  • About a year ago, I got one of these Rokit Smarts for Christmas. Ever since I got it, the Smart Inventor V2 board isn't functioning the way I've seen on other YouTube videos. When I turn on the board, the red light comes on as well as all the other blue lights. The blue lights come on for a split second (because those are sensors and they are sensing which sensor is near a surface) and then the blue light (18) comes on for another split second, then they all turn off. After that, the red light (indicating that there is power to the board) stays on forever until I turn it off. The only thing I can do is press the black button, which activates the sensor(s). All I can do with the board is just play around with the sensor(s) that activates the blue light or just keep the kit in a storage cabinet. Can anyone please help me solve this issue?

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