Need help getting started with Jupyter

  • Python is installed, can we use the online version of Jupyter Notebook or does it have to be installed on each machine? Do we use JupyterLab 1.0 or The Jupyter Network (Both say Try it in your browser, does that mean we can code there)? Also, 1A in Workbench does not say how to install, and 1B says "you learned how to install Jupyter. My tech does not understand the pip and/or conda install, if we have to install, which one for Windows. Thank you in advance!!

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    @pytluvsu I apologize, I see that you are trying to use Zumi with Python. There is no need to install anything for Zumi. You can get started by turning on Zumi and following the instructions on her screen. Let me know if you have any more questions on getting started!

  • When trying to install Jupyter, I get this message:

  • Thank you! This is not in Workbench...

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    @pytluvsu Jupyter Notebook needs to be installed on each of the devices so that you can access the files that you create. Our lesson for installing Jupyter on Windows is in Lesson 1D. We have detailed instructions that walk you through the installation. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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