CoDrone Pro can be programmed with Python?

  • Hello,
    I just bought codrone pro and want to program it. while browsing i came to know that Codrone pro can only be programmed with Arduino which supports only c and C++ not with python.
    So my question is it really like this that i can not use python now?

  • Good morning @miawan1 not certain where you looked, but it is very inaccurate. There are numerous way to code the Codrone.

    • Arduino
    • Python
    • Blockly
    • Snap

    A great place to start is the Codrone website. On the Codrone (Lite or Pro) product there is a link to “Learn Codrone” and it will take you to their workbench:

    There are numerous sites that give examples looking through google, and there are many in this forum.

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