Can Codrone fly along the line?

  • Can Codrone fly along the white line in dark background automatically? I saw Codrone can pattern flying and motion tracking in the video. How to use these functions and make it fly along the white line in dark background automatically? (Like this↓↓↓↓)

  • @ixmclean Thanks ! I got it !

  • @robolink_leila Okay, thanks a lot Leila!

  • @james-whitee BL is the Blue tooth linking module (you can't use your computer's native bluetooth)
    RTSP: is the protocol used by the drone to transmit it's video. you do NOT have the capability to process the video on the drone, and using the FPV module with the CODRONE, you (via computer) will capture the RTSP video feed (the FPV transmits the RTSP feed via wireless network). You then do your Computer Vision processing on the frames you select and in turn can use that to make decisions of how to fly the drone.

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    @james-whitee CoDrone does not have the capabilities to follow lines automatically. You would have to use the FPV module and computer vision in Python, however, we do not offer those lessons on our website. For pattern flying, check out our documentation. Hope this helps!

  • @ixmclean Hmm, I don't get it (like BL module, RTSP etc). Can you speak more simply? Thanks.

  • (my perspective as I only use python) You would need to have an active link to the drone, (using their BL module from a computer {a pi works}) capture the video feed, do some Computer Vision processing (i.e. openCV) to the captured frames and make assessments to what the drone needs to self correct and transmit those movements back to the drone. The drone will not be self sustaining/autonomous without a system actively processing/issuing commands. Even when done with the Arduino IDE (though the drone cannot self access its video feed, there is no pre-capture before is it broadcast via RTSP) it can do patterns, but not video processing.

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