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    I would REALLY like to create a set of roads and buildings for my school to use with ZUMI, similar to what is in the video on Robolink, but I need help getting started. I am looking for the scale used , what materials might have been used to create the original Zumi Town, or anything anyone has out there for a Zumi Map table. My goal would be to compile all of this into a set of instructions we can share so others can create their own Zumi Towns.

  • Hi there @Techvet! I was actually the one that worked on the setup we had at our booth at CES, where you see the trees and mountains. Yes, I believe most things were O scale, and some HO scale. I bought a lot of things from the local model railroad shop. I got trees, two plastic molded mountains, some buildings, and then a bunch of Lego buildings as our landmarks. I also used a vinyl print of the road, so that we could get a single consistent piece to lay down on the board. It was a pretty large print, so I worked with a banner printer, then cut out the road by hand from the vinyl banner.

    The actual floor of the "Zumi World" was 2 wooden boards wrapped in a green cloth and stapled to keep it taught.

    Hopefully that gives you some ideas!

  • @robolink_leila Thank you for the link to the mat. This is not what I am hoping to create. I would like to create a scaled city similar to what Robolink has done on their site. What scale did you make the models? It looks like O. Any tips or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • Glad to see you’re excited about the mat! We priced it based on the cost of the material, and how much robotics mats are usually priced at. We’ve been testing various mats, and we finally found a US company that can make a mat that is durable enough to not curl that much and roll up for transport, while having clear graphics that can work with the sensors. We find that a lot of robotics mats are actually priced above this, such as Dash & Dot mats, Sphero mat, and FLL competition mats, which often are priced around $145 - $180.

    Of course, if we find that the price ends up being too cost prohibitive for our customers, we will certainly revisit and see how we can reduce the price.

    I hope that answers your question!

  • I was excited to hear about the new Zumitown mat, then I saw the price. The cost is over $100 and not that much less than Zumi herself. While I'm thrilled there's now a map set to scale for Zumi, why is the cost so high? I'm not trying to be rude or mean, just wondering?

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    @techvet Here's a link to our mat that was released this weekend.

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