Codrone Pro - Won't par with remote

  • I have a codrone pro and remote that won't pair. This one was used in a class and we ran into the problem of pairing too many at the same time. I believe the remote was paired with another drone. I found several old posts about this issue but I could not find a solution that DID NOT involve downloading new Arduino code to the remote. Is there a way to factory reset the remote so it will search for the nearest drone again? I am trying to get it connected and currently no other drones are in the area.

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    Hi @dgDrone ,
    Unfortunately, you will need to upload the code again and do the pairing process with CoDrone.pair(Nearest). Then, reupload the same code with CoDrone.pair(). After you've done this, it helps to label both the CoDrone and remote with a sticker or number. Hope this helps!

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