Zumi moving strangely

  • The left wheel stops moving after about to seconds of motion, the left wheel stops moving. (So if I call forward() it makes a tight circle).

    No idea what to do here. Could it be a hardware issue?

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    @rboetto I have sent you an email with the email associated with your forum account so that we can get you a new motor. Thanks!

  • And actually, if I get it on the stuck position I can make the wheel make an odd clicking sound.

  • Ok, I did some exploration and noticed that if I gently rotate the wheels with my hands, one rotates just fine but the other gets stuck at certain periods during the rotation. I tried disassembling Zumi to see if I could check the axels but I can't access that little black box.

    I also noticed it gets stuck at the same point during the rotation each time. I think one of the gears chipped somehow and is causing problems. No idea how in the world that managed to occur; I've been extremely cautious with it. There's also no external damage, which I imagine would happen first.

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