Hello, I'm Bryan...had a question about controlling a codrone pro

  • I will be an engineering instructor at a new magnet high school in Huntsville Alabama (opening this Fall...hopefully) which will focus on introducing cyber security and engineering to students. I am planning on purchasing a set of the codrone pro units for the classes. To introduce cyber security, was just wondering if there's a way for some of the security setting to be disabled temporarily such that a student controlling one drone could also possibly "hack" into another operator's drone. Or, if you have other suggestions on how we could use these drones to teach students about cyber security, please offer suggestions!

  • Great, thanks for the ideas!

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    @bmartin_ascte Hi, thanks for the great question! You can pair to any drone in the room as long as you find it's 4 digit ID, so you could design an activity or mockup scenario where you write code and send it to another drone to "hack" it. Some other activities include a drone mission where the pilots fly it to a given location and send morse code signals by programming the LEDs. There are no security settings necessarily but you can design a curriculum around this theme!

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