Unable to start Zumi after firmware update.

  • Hi,

    We completed the build after you guys sent us the missing parts. Everything worked fine until we flashed the latest firmware, now we get "Zumi can't wakeup" every time we power up Zumi. We are able to connect to it via wifi, but the dashboard won't work any longer.

    I've followed all of the troubleshooting steps in addition to attempting to flash again a couple of times. A few posts found online state it is a defective Pi and needs to be replaced. I sent an email to support and they directed me here.

    Hoping you can assist.


  • Hey @DogEars, sorry for the delay! If it's saying "Zumi can't wake up" that sounds like the SD card may need to be re-flashed. When you say you flashed the latest firmware, are you flashing it from your computer, or do you mean a regular update?

    Either way, I'll shoot you an e-mail to coordinate mailing you a replacement SD card. Meanwhile, if you could send the SD card you have so we can figure out what's going on for future cases, that'd be great.

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