Video how to calibrate CoDrone is confusing

  • I find this video confusing. The lady presses the button while keeping the drone upside down. Followed by a shot with the drone "upside up". Then she says, when a specific light pattern (purple, white and green) appears, flip the drone upside down. But she turns it upside-up and places it on the floor so it can take off. Which makes sense because it is impossible to flip the drone upside down and place it on the floor to take off. So what is the real procedure to calibrate the CoDrone?

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    @ksmith20 Make sure you always take out the battery after each attempt and plug it back in. It takes practice to get it right! Sometimes if you place CoDrone on the ground a little too early it may not work. While CoDrone is upside down, try waiting for the white flashing sequence to finish before placing CoDrone back on the floor.

  • @robolink_leila Hi there. We are also having issues with collaborating our drones. They go through the light sequence but never take off. Do you have any tips? Thanks in advance?

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    Hi @PimV ,
    I can clear that up for you! I have found the best way is to press and hold the button while holding it right-side-up, waiting for the eyes to turn blue, then turning it upside down. Once you see the flashing white pattern in the video, you can place it right-side-up on the floor where it will take off. If it doesn't take off, keep trying to calibrate! It takes a bit of practice to get the timing right.

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