Crisscrossed wires on harnesses

  • 3_1592866421331_55927DF0-DA0F-493F-83EB-1B669774D4F9.jpeg 2_1592866421331_A9B65D6E-D83D-4CD3-AFD3-F1B39E107CE8.jpeg 1_1592866421331_D70F6956-4798-4AB9-BA29-9313D45D08A2.jpeg 0_1592866421330_2A291D76-29EA-4CDF-A152-9CC3CA2DB66C.jpeg

    The middle two on the black harness appear to be crisscrossed, and the red and black appear to be crisscrossed on the colored harness.

    This doesn’t seem right to me. I can’t find a proper wiring diagram to verify. All I’ve found were pictures of the wires. Can someone verify this?

    I called their office, but they told me they can’t help me and to post it here.

    Thank you.

  • 3_1593027923969_C8A1D3B9-8590-4855-BE9D-C7623044062B.jpeg 2_1593027923969_3027F5F7-8244-48A4-8871-284EC5B33B43.jpeg 1_1593027923969_34B23D7E-DF91-414F-B41D-7191B6F61D99.jpeg 0_1593027923969_A7ECC75C-2217-431D-B28F-E6CCB1FF1FD4.jpeg


  • administrators

    @armando9000 We apologize for the trouble but I am glad you could get it fixed!

  • Oh cool thanks!

    Don’t worry about it, I can easily swap them. Those wires are easy to replace. There’s simply a tab holding the wire in. If anything I could simply cut and splice them.

    No offense, but I don’t want to wait another week for a defective part when I can fix it. I just want to get it up and running!

  • administrators

    Hi @armando9000 ,
    The black 4-pin connector is supposed to be crossed in that way. I understand it can look misleading!
    For your 3-pin colored connector, that is definitely incorrect and it may damage your board if you power it on. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I will contact you shortly to your email associated with your forum account so that we may get a replacement out to you.

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