Bad program execution CoDrone Line Blockly

  • In between program step the propeller stop and start:
    Example of behavior:

    1. Take Off
      Propellers start drone lift off.
    2. Hover 5 seconds.
      Drone hovers propeller all OK.
    3. Move forward 1 second.
      All propellers shut down for 1 second.
      All propellers start up and drone scoot forward across the floor for 1 second.
    4. Land
      All propellers shut down for 1 second.
      Propeller turn all then turn off.

  • I thought about the battery. Same result with fully charged battery.
    Also, same program, with same commands worked the day before.
    I have tried all combinations to try and determine issue.
    i.e. Hover with 100% power. Still shuts off in between commands.
    Behavior is like program command steps execution is slow to load next step and during the step load/setup process the motor is shut off.

    I am returning the drone. Have already put in enough time troubleshooting a brand new piece of equipment. Worked beautifully out of the box. Next day worked for about 1st hour then issues. First major drifting, then propeller shutdown in between program commands.

    I am open to another try of your product once you resolve your quality/reliability issues.

  • administrators

    Hi @ronbolts ,
    It sounds like your CoDrone is running low on battery, but just to be sure can you attach a screenshot of your code? If you are experiencing skipping commands, try including a wait block for half a second to a second between your move commands. Let me know if this still does not resolve the issue!

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