Battery Issues

  • I've been having a problem with my zumi robot. Once I finished building my robot, I charged my robot I turned it on it said the robot was on 35 percent. I saw the loading animation, but then the screen went black and after a few seconds said Zumi can't wake up. Then I tried turning it off and back on and somehow the battery dropped around 5% and the screen displayed the same things as before. I did this multiple times and tried charging it more, but I got the same result. I tried troubleshooting by taking out the battery and leaving the robot plugged in, but the charging animation showed on the screen continuously, so I was unable to work with the robot. This is likely a battery issue, considering my shown battery percentages were inconsistent and the Zumi was unable to wake up.

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    @jv123 We will be contacting you via email to schedule a support call to diagnose the issue. Please check your email shortly! Thank you.

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