Codrone won't connect after firmware update

  • Hello,

    We have the Codrone Pro 2.0. Using the Petrone app from the Apple App Store, I updated the firmware. After the update, the drone successfully shows up in the Petrone List. I select it, then click the Connect button. Next, it says select Petrone, then it just goes to "Disconnect from PETRONE. Do you want to reconecct?" If you press the disconnect button it then just goes back to the list and then I can reconnect to it.

    Is my drone bricked? If so, is there another way to flash the firmware?


  • administrators

    @rhavlick Did turning off and on the Bluetooth on your device resolve the issue? Unfortunately we do not offer support for the app, only for the coding platforms (Arduino, Python, and Blockly). I hope you were able to pair with your drone and use the app. The app is the easiest and best way to update firmware.

  • If this happens to anyone, what I did was I went into the iPad's bluetooth settings, then I just turned off Bluetooth, then turned it back on and then it could reconnect. I then checked the firmware and I'm up to date again.


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