multiple drones being coded same space

  • Hi I'm interested in using codrone lite and maybe zumi in the classroom to teach some basics of block coding. We don't use tablets or smartphones so I'm guessing we'll have to use laptops with a bluetooth connection. If we have 4 codrone lites all being used at the same time paired to different laptops in the same space will that work ok or will they cross over. We had to stop using wireless mice because they would keep pairing with wrong computer and changing mid use. I'm just wondering what best way to set this up is. Also if we were to get really cheap (<$100) tablets could we use them to do the coding on instead of laptops so that the laptops would be freed up for other activities not drone related.

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    @TobyPe The best way to set to drones for the classroom is to pair them one by one and take note of the four digit ID of the drone. You can also find this easily using the Petrone app, which is free to download on a mobile device. Once you have this ID number, label each drone. When students open Blockly to pair they can verify which one to pair to by checking the drone label. Second, you will need a laptop device to pair CoDrone Lite with Blockly because the device needs to have Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled. However, Zumi is programmable with a tablet!

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