Motor Timing Defects

  • I just purchased and received a classroom set of 12 CoDrone, and 2 additional CoDrone pro’s.

    The drones have already been a great learning tool for our class. Upon unboxing and performing the first lessons/calibration of the drones 2 are exhibiting the same malfunction. On one a single motor does not initially want to spin, and on another two of the motors on a side of the drone do not want to initially spin. After a few seconds the motors do begin to spin, but the drones cannot fly as a result. I have already taken 3 motors from a spare drone and swapped them with the defective ones, which resolved the issue, the other motors all work fine. It almost seems like a timing defect in the malfunctioning motors. I do not see any physical signs of damage to the motors, they just simply have a delay of several seconds longer than all the others. Support was great and asked me to email as well as create a forum post to get the attention of your engineers.

  • administrators

    @mercerdrones After the call with our team, we will able to get some replacements for you.

  • Based on your reply I feel that you may not understand this issue.

    This is all new hardware purchased for a school and at least 3 of your motors were DOA.
    Please make this right.
    Thank you.

  • administrators

    @mercerdrones For this question, we have received your email and a member of our team will be replying to you to possibly schedule a support call. In the meantime, if there is a motor that is not spinning, the motor may not be making good contact with the drone board. Check out the the link to this video which will take you to the part that discusses how to check for contact.

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