The calibrate() function is not working as described, or at all.

  • The calibrate() function is not working as described, or at all.

    We followed your documentation in a class today for this function:

    This function will calibrate your drone and reset all the trim and biases to best suit the current lighting and ground. The CoDrone has flight biases that change based on lighting and the pattern on the ground. After a while, the CoDrone may begin to drift, especially after a lot of flying or a change of environment. When you run this function, the CoDrone's arms will blink green a few times, take off, calibrate for a few seconds, then land. It may drift a little until it stabilizes before finally landing.




    Example student code:

    import CoDrone

    d1 = CoDrone.CoDrone()

    print("Calibration Complete")

    NOTHING is happening. Please Help!

  • administrators

    @mercerdrones This was a mistake on our part. We will be updating the documentation shortly! We are always updating our documentation and open to feedback to make coding education easy and accessible for everyone.

  • So this documentation is simply fictitious.
    These are tools purchased for education in a career center.
    Having a function listed that simply is erroneous is a very bad look.

    I am so far not very happy with the excuses this user account has supplied to all our issues on your forums.
    Not good customer service.

  • administrators

    @mercerdrones Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Someone on our team will take a look and we will let you know once the documentation is updated. An alternative way to calibrate can be found here.

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