hovering stability

  • I can not stabilize my CoDrone Mini hovering.
    I have tried to press and hold the RESET button, confirmed the LED on the drone flashed.
    On the python program I have changed the variables ' drone.set_trim() ' many times.
    Do you have any ideas?

  • administrators

    @vangj For now, please include set_trim() in every program to make sure the trim values are set. Have you tried larger values yet? Every now and then we encounter a drone that needs pretty high trim values (above 50). If more than one drone is experiencing these problems, let us know so we can schedule a call with you.

  • Did anyone get a solution to this problem? Here's my code in its entirety. I cannot get this drone to just hover in place. I don't mind the slight drifts, but the drift is huge making the coding exercise untrustworthy (though the code is correct, the students think the code is written incorrectly).

    Notice how I issue reset_trim() before a set_trim(). I tried this out of desperation to see if that would help stabilize the drone.

    import CoDrone_mini
    import time
    drone = CoDrone_mini.CoDrone()
    drone.set_trim(-10, -10)

  • @jk3tjn I am having the same issue too. I have to always set_trim() to get the drone to hover in place.

  • administrators

    @jk3tjn The trim settings will remain even after you power off the drone but sometimes it needs an adjustment every so often.

  • Thank you, Leila
    Yesterday set_trim(-8, 4), I got stability. Today drift backward,
    set_trim(-8, 25), I got stability.
    Evert time I fly my drone, I have to set trim. Troublesome!

  • administrators

    @jk3tjn If the values are too low, you may not be noticing a significant change. I normally use 10-20, which solves the drifting issues. Could you describe the behavior you are experiencing (drifting forward, backward, left, right) and which values you are using inside of drone.set_trim()?

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