How to find specific drone address

  • In looking through the previous posts, I know this topic has been covered, however I still can't seem to get an address for each drone. There seems to be an Arduino sketch "pair" that will do this, but it doesn't seem to upload correctly, so I can't view the actual address using the Arduino Serial Monitor. Do you have some step by step instructions somewhere (including configuration of switches on the Remote Control during this pairing process)?

  • Ok thanks, we'll give this a try.

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    @bmartin_ascte The easiest way to figure out the drone address is with the Petrone mobile app (available on Apple Store and Google Play store). However, you don't really need the drone address if you properly label them. Here's what I suggest:

    • using pair(Nearest), turn on one drone and remote and pair those two together. Label them with a colored sticker, letter, or a number.

    • With the same drone/remote pair, reupload code with just pair() instead to verify that those two drones are paired.

    • Repeat for the next drone/remote pair.

    Once a drone and remote have been paired with the pair() function, the drone will only pair to that remote.

  • What I'm meaning to ask is how to find the unique ID for each CoDrone Pro drone....I've seen a couple of explanations, one had a link to instructions but link no longer worked. The other didn't provide sufficient detail. Thanks for any suggestions!!!

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