CoDrone Missions

  • Hi
    Isnt there missions/challenges for codrone that we can give students with solutions?

  • administrators

    There are ideas in the Basecamp lessons and the teacher lesson plans for CoDrone challenges! Here are some suggested challenges. We don't have solutions codes because the student code will vary.

    • Search and Rescue: Students create a payload carrier for a Lego person using strings and magnets. Scatter Lego people or similar objects on the floor with magnets. Use the remote control or autonomous code to rescue as many people as possible!
    • Use the LEDs and sounds to send secret coded messages across the room.
    • Build an obstacle course out of PVC pipes and have students build and design landing pads
    • Set up DIY bowling pins and play drone bowling
    • Make a synchronized light and drone show with another student
    • Use loops and turns to fly in various shapes and letters

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