USB battery charger problem?

  • When I plug in my battery with the USB battery charger, none of the charge lights turn on as mentioned in the manual. See attached photos of the charger, and another comparing it to the USB mini charger. When I plug in the battery to the drone, I can pair for a second and turn on the rotors but they last for a second and the drone lights turn completely off. I am wondering if the metal lead on the charger is too long, which prevents it fromt being inserted completely into a charge port.!

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    @spinningkick The light on the charger will not turn on if the battery is already charged. Do not forget to check the other side of the USB as well. The light is only going to show on one side. If you are certain that it's fully charged, verify by pairing in Blockly and take a look at the battery percentage on the bottom left. Try a takeoff and land as well. If the battery percentage is still low even after you have been charging, please let us know!

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