Zumi in classroom network versus home

  • I am having issues getting Zumi to connect in the school classroom. It works well at home on my wifi network but in the classroom I am getting issues. I purchased 4 more for the classroom and the students are building them. I am hoping we can connect and get the features to work. Are there any things the IT team needs to do for the Zumi to work.

    Also parts are missing from the kit. My team cannot locate the heatsink. Who do I contact? They were purchased months ago but only just opened as students returned to school a little over a month ago.

  • administrators

    @shibbyrae ,

    We apologize for the confusion! The manual you probably saw posted online is an updated version that includes a heatsink, however, this version of the Zumi kit has not yet been shipped out. We will update that on the website. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    As for the internet connection, it will be best for someone on our team to contact you for a support call. Please lookout for an email from us in your email today to schedule one.

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