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  • Hi! Just got the CoDrone lites out of the box! Trying to take off in a classroom with about 9' ceilings. Drone goes straight up and sticks to ceiling! Great fun, but not so good for the drone! How do I control height at take off? : )

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    @STEMatKVEC if this CoDrone is behaving this way something may be damaged, can you email me at arnold@robolink.com so we can setup a time for a video call.

  • @robolink_wes
    Okay, I got it to take off, but it went straight up to the ceiling and stuck again! Now back motor isn't working, so it just flips over!

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    Hello @STEMatKVEC could you post a video of the issue you have? maybe provide a google drive link. Make sure when doing the CoDrone calibration, the remote is off. Also make sure to remove the battery from the CoDrone then reinsert it and then perform the calibration. I can also setup a video call if you would like more assistance.

  • The drone shouldn't be connected when you do it. You should hold the switch for about 5 seconds with the drone upside down. Once it blinks, place it right side up, and it should take off for a couple seconds. Let me know if that's not happening. If so, we can set a troubleshooting session with @robolink_arnold. Let me know if you have or haven't been able to get it to take off with the reset.

  • Okay, I followed the directions on the video, but the lights go purple, white, and red and the drone doesn't take off. Should it be connected to the bluetooth link while doing this?

  • Hey there, @STEMatKVEC, welcome to the Robolink community! It seems like it may be a calibration issue, so it's having trouble fixing its height. Can you try following the instructions in this video, and see if it resolves the issue?


    Also, make sure to do the calibration on a non-reflective surface (e.g. a very shallow carpet, not glossy tile or lacquered hardwood). Also, a relatively textured pattern is helpful. We recommend flying it in that kind of environment for best performance.

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