Is the remote defective?

  • I just got my CoDrone mini. When I put in 2 AAA batteries into the remote, it does not light up. I thought maybe screwing the screw in would close a circuit and get the remote to light up; however, that doesn't work either.

    The only way to get the remote to power up is if I plug the USB cable into the drone from a computer. After which, the remote powers up and the drone stops blinking and has a solid light to indicate a connection.

    I swapped in other AAA batteries, but the remote just won't power up without a USB-powered connection. Any ideas?

  • @robolink_leila said in Is the remote defective?:

    this lesson

    Thank you. That worked! The lesson helped with the visual on indicating what was the power button. On the controller, there are grooves to indicate what is what, but it would have been nice if there were contrasts (dark symbols) against the yellow buttons.

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    @vangj You need to press the power button on the remote to power it on. Please reference this lesson on our Basecamp.

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