Stabilizing the drone

  • How do we stabilize the drone? According to the lessons, you can "trim" the drone using the remote or programmatically using the set_trim() function. The documentation/lessons also says, once you trim, you do not have to do it again and the trim you applied will persist on the drone until reset.

    I cannot seem to stabilize the drone and it does not seem like the trim settings persist. Here is the code I am using. Since the drone is drifting right, I use -10 for the roll, and since the drone is drifting forward, I use -10 for the pitch: drone.set_trim(-10, -10). This statement seems to be countering the right drift but not the forward one. Any ideas on why this is happening?

    import CoDrone_mini
    import time
    drone = CoDrone_mini.CoDrone()
    drone.set_trim(-10, -10)

    Now, after I set the trim programmatically, when I apply the program as above (commenting out the trim lines), the drone still does not stay in place (not stationary). Is there a video showing if anyone got the drone to simply take off, over, stay stationary and land?

    I'm wondering if the drone will always kinda drift.

    I am thinking the "trimming" is the "calibration" on the drone so that it stays put when it's up. Or is calibration another thing we need to do?

  • I just realized this thread is a duplicate of what someone else already posted. Please close this thread if needed.

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