Dealing with connection issues for 5+ drones in a classroom

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    @robolink_wes Hi there. I am actually experiencing similar problems. I am piloting several classes in the Tustin Unified School District and have purchased many CoDrones. We are about to move forward at three more schools next year if we can figure out this issue. We are finding that everything works fine when there are 2-5 CoDrones in a room. But once there is more than that there are big problems.

    I set each one up myself, found their unique addresses, and connected them all on my own before giving them to students.

    Now some will not connect at all. I am troubleshooting to figure out if some of the drones got mixed up and am finding that the same address will connect to several different drones.

    The addresses are very similar to one another. Can they be changed? Could this be the issue?

    @robolink_arnold, can you address this one?

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    @cariwilliamz tomorrow may be tough, but are you available on Monday? @robolink_arnold pinging you for the call support.

  • They are not the same addresses but similar. It seems that random drones are connecting for just a few seconds. And then many are not connecting at all.

    I am available for a video call tomorrow if possible.

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    Hello @CariWilliamz I am sorry to hear you are having issues with pairing all of those Drone, we have noticed that flying 5-4 drones at a time is the best in a classroom setting, flying more CoDrone at a time will result in the BLE having difficulties. Unfortunately the CoDrone Bluetooth addresses can not be changed. So you are having the same bluetooth address appear for multiple CoDrones? Are you available for a video call?

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    Pinging @robolink_arnold in case you've missed it.

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