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    Customer Question: We want to do a special research. We have some questions for CoDrone.
    Does the CoDrone have any camera? If it has a camera, does the received images can be saved in SD card? Or it just can display on smartphone or any....monitor? What's the maximum distance the IR distance sensor can detect?
    Can Smart Inventor board expand WiFi or zigbee?

  • The CoDrone has a camera module, which is an additional add-on. You can find that here.

    There isn't an easy way to save the images to an SD card. But it will stream to a smartphone using the Petrone app, which is our partner's mobile app that can be used purely for flying the drone.

    The maximum distance that the IR height distance sensor is 2000 mm. From our tests, I'd recommend 1500 mm to be safe.

    The Smart Inventor would need an additional board to do WiFi or Zigbee connection. This is how we use it in the CoDrone setup, where we use the BLE board for it to have BLE connection.

    Hopefully that answers all your questions! Let me know if you have additional ones.

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